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The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) aims to be a world-leading institutional grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange.

With a wealth of capital markets experience at its helm, and years of understanding from a process-driven traditional stock exchange, the GBX has the potential to redefine perceptions and develop new industry standards. A new age for Token Listing is coming. The Crypto Harbour Token Sale Platform and Cryptocurrency Exchange Building on the ideals of public trust and consensus Clarity, infrastructure and order with a rules-based system established by our community. Attracting viable high-quality Token sales through a high barrier to entry. Token sales brought to market by qualified Sponsors before approval by GBX. Rigorous AML and KYC Standards All professional services for new startups within a complete financial ecosystem. Let’s start from the beginning. What is KYC? “Know your customer” involves a set of identity processes’ where an organization demonstrates to regulators that they have assessed various risks. These risks include – money laundering, terrorism financing, credit worthiness and product suitability. These checks must be carried prior and throughout any business relationship with the customer. is setting out to solve the problem we see with KYC and the crypto-currency space. This is that current “real world” framework is not amalgamating smoothly with the digital world. Regulators just can’t keep up with the advancement of technology. Traceto is creating an inclusive KYC Network and DApp solution for crypto-currency market participants. They aim to do this by fusing smart contracts and artificial intelligence through a Decentralised Application – built on the Ethereum Network. CYNOPSIS SOLUTIONS Traceto is powered by Cynopsis Solutions, which was established in 2014. Follow the link below for a deep insight into this company. These inconsistencies are as follows: 1. A false assumption that anonymity overrides the need to comply. A low priority allocated to compliance due to its perception as being a cost centre. A lack of budget and experienced compliance personnel handling this process. Traceto’s mission is to tackle these current problems. The network intends on providing incentives to users to organize themselves in a symbiotic relationship with each other that guarantees privacy yet complies with regulatory requirements. “Giving ownership, management and control of the KYC process back to the people.” TOKEN USE CASE Why tokenise this? Current KYC systems are failing with the ever-evolving tech space. With this -regulators are being left behind. The constant threat of hackers exposes users to identity theft and identity fraud through false actors amongst many other compounding concerns. The whole KYC process can be secured and distributed through the blockchain by utilizing its reach, security, anonymity and decentralisation. Traceto can create a self-governing and a secure KYC system for every user. How will these tokens provide value to the investor? T2T tokens create the economy that keeps the network afloat. The tokens are used for fee’s, rewards, staking and are even burnt reducing the circulating supply. As the network gains users and adoption, the circulating supply will diminish as the demand grows – basic economics, supply/demand. Such user will be redirected to the Tracetos DApp to upload their documents. These documents are then encrypted and stored within the application. Next a trusted verifier will conduct a background check on this user and score the data based on social profiles – these verifiers are trusted users that stake T2T. Verifiers must undergo a vigorous check and are also gatekeepers to this data. This question is still unanswered and until clarification, will bring down the operating concept score* THIS BRINGS ABOUT TRACETO AND AI. Traceto A.I uses existing algorithms determining facial recognition and similarities. They plan on improving and developing more algorithms through “open sourcing” development. ROADMAP Initially, Traceto will focus on AML and CTF problems but plan to expand their scope to address questions related to Product Sustainability and Credit Worthiness. Powered by Cynopsis Cynopsis’ partnerships include: Dow Jones, Amazon Web Service, RHT and more. We’re already half-way through February, so here are 5 ICOs you shouldn’t miss in March. ICO: March 3rd Pre-sale: Jan 31st (ends Feb 15th) Hard cap: $30m USD Social news platform Sapien rewards users with SPN tokens when producing high-quality content.

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Its core values include democracy, privacy, free speech and customizability – which in turn relies heavily on reputation.

Except Sapien exists on a decentralised platform. ICO: March 1st Hard cap: 750,000,000 FDZ The new digital marketing platform on the blockchain, Friendz, connects brands with their target audience through word of mouth on social media. Starting up in 2016, Friendz offers a variety of digital advertising services, including brand awareness, product placement campaigns, sharing content activities and market research. It is made up of 35 people across three offices in Switzerland, Italy and Spain, and currently has 200,000 users. The whitelist is now closed, but you might have already signed up if you caught our post last week. Hard cap: $20M USD Data exchange protocol aims to find a solution to ‘data hoarding’ in a professional environment. It lets people connect their online profiles, experiences, reviews and reputations on one secure platform. Encouraging data exchanges between platforms, believes sharing information is beneficial for all parties. ICO: Feb 28th The peer-to-peer payment network believes that cryptocurrency is ‘the future of money’, but that the rapidly changing currencies prevents people from using it in day-to-day life. They want to do something about that. That’s why they are launching their two coins, Havven – which provides a static supply, and Nomin, providing a floating supply. Private sale: Feb 9th Hard cap: $30m USD Decentralized Know Your Customer (KYC) network,, is developing a KYC solution for cryptocurrency and decentralized platforms. The network they’re aiming to build will ‘satisfy real-world regulations’, ‘provide an ongoing due dilligence process’ and ‘fuse smart contracts with A.I.’. With a longstanding experience in both RegTech and compliance, is powered by RegTech company Cynopsis Solutions Pte. Ltd. – who already has a network of over 450 clients. CEO of Kyber Network, Loi Luu, is an advisor. Which ICOs are you excited about going forward? This new entity seeks to expand its decentralized platform to meet increasingly strict regulatory compliance standards. The new company launched an initial coin offering (ICO) as the private sale kicked off last week. The Singapore based firm says its existing portfolio of clients comprises an estimated USD $3 billion in contributions raised since 2017. With regulatory compliance standards becoming more stringent for cryptocurrency firms, Cynopsis believes the already sizeable market for KYC services in the sector is set to grow exponentially in the short-term. wants to capture much of that market growth. The team is described as representing over five decades of experience and expertise in compliance and Regtech. “We have also a very healthy pipeline of projects that we are speaking to on a daily basis.” says Chye Kit. Chye Kit says the new platform is a win-win for both sides of the market. Submit an offering for consideration using our Submit a Tip form and we may share it on our site! 25 Mar:This project is about KYC, but they are like senior in the niche (KYC), because the other projects that want to operate in KYC niche are very low interest. They have some prominent clients: Bankex, ICON, EximChain and so on. So the project is worth watching. We try to participate in pre-sale. 29 Mar: We have discussed it many times, the idea is interesting. Interesting observation about TraceTo: when we wanted to participate, it was very difficult, and now when everything red, they start offering pools. Even top projects have problems with fundraising. 7 Apr: Traceto has moved their ICO date to april-may, a lot of projects are now moving their ICO dates because of the market conditions. Sergey: Traceto has decreased their cap, we will reevaluate the project. Alexey: They changed the token metrics. But we currently do not have plans to participate. Alexey: We decided to skip it. It aims to tackle the KYC issues surrounding ‘a false assumption that anonymity overrides the need to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing (CTF) regulations’. Additionally, they believe that there is ‘a low priority allocated to compliance’ and ‘a lack of budget and experienced compliance personnel to build watertight KYC processes’. The issues with KYC is that the current process is, according to the company, ‘grossly inefficient’. This is due to the reluctance of companies to move towards E-KYC, meaning today’s practice is largely manual. The way it works is that the person interested in joining an ICO or exchange will be redirected to the app and asked to upload their documents. These documents can only be viewed with consent from the User or Community Courts. Afterwards, the user profile is shared with’s KYC provider and their artificial intelligence algorithms. The network they’re aiming to build will ‘satisfy real-world regulations’, ‘provide an ongoing due diligence process’ and ‘fuse smart contracts with A.I.’. Ltd. – who already has 50+ crypto clients. Cynopsis Solutions’ main work revolves around anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing.

Buy TraceTo ICO Allocation estimates that there will be a ‘projected high demand’ for the network.

Additionally, there will be an ‘ease of onboarding’ due to ICOs and Exchanges participating in the T2 network. The team is made up of five co-founders. CEO, Chionh Chye Kit, is also the co-founder and MD of Cynopsis. He is an advisor at both Kyber Network and RegPac Revolution. CTO Dias Lonappan has several years of experience within blockchain technology. Chief Data Science Officer Ooi Gene Yan is a machine learning specialist, and Co-Founder and Product Architect at Shentilium. Sales Director at Cynopsis, Dan Poh, is the Chief Marketing Officer. Robin Lee has six years of experience from Silicon Valley and four years from Wall Street. CEO of Kyber Network, Loi Luu, is also an advisor. Based on our ICO Ratings, we rate as a Solid ICO. Addressing the whole ICO market and crypto exchange platforms with its solution, this ICO taps into an important issue regarding fraud. Join the whitelist here. Please follow and like us: Translate » Traceto – service conducting KYC/AML procedures and verifications for ICO and non-ICO projects Categories: According to Deloitte it consists only 80 companies, 55% of them are startups. As MediciInsides says this market will reach 120B USD in 2020 with CAGR 23%. Such projects usually raise their hardcap but their performance after entering exchanges is not clear. Comparing roadmaps Civic has released beta and the product will be released in 3Q 2018. Selfkey has released alpha and will launch the product in 2019. TheKey will release its product in June 2019. Although Traceto conduct ICO relatively late, its release will be not so late according to the roadmap – in the end of 2018 or in the beginning of 2019. In addition, the company is working with ICO projects that will contribute its growth even without the release of the product. Most of the projects have strong partnerships with ICO projects, so here it is not right to outline Traceto’s advantages. Having competition analysis Traceto does not states its detailed market entry strategy. Traceto is a service taking all verifications of network users. ICOs, dApps or exchanges may use Traceto to outsource KYC/AML of their users. Comparing to competitors Traceto’s verification process is more detailed including social networks analysis and digital infrastructure with AI. Product is made by Cynopsis Solutions experienced in KYC for ICO and non-ICO projects, so the current project is an upgrade. In addition, Traceto will include Know-Your-Supplier and Know-Your-Employer spreading their client base. As competition is not tough and KYC demand is growing Traceto solution is likely to have its client. In theory the system turns decentralized including Verificators rewarded for helping in verification process. By the way token distribution is not fair and more than half is concentrated in the team. First significant release will take place in the end of 2018. But now no prototype is available. ICO dates are not available yet. The team is strong and has experience in conducting KYC/AML, as Traceto is additional unit to the current business. The company started operation in 2014 and has managed to conduct KYC for ICO projects such as Bankex, Bluzelle, Coinfi. Team members’ detailed CVs are available that is not common for ICO projects. CEO has 10 years’ experience in finance and simultaneously is a director in another company providing compliance services. Also, he is advisor in some ICO fintech projects. CTO has worked 4 years in Tata Consultancy as an IT-analyst and been CTO in some fintech projects since 2013. Technical specialists are experienced enough, especially in Data Science. CMO is an experienced specialist in compliance working in investment banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Merrill Lynch and has been engaged in Sales there. Traceto is an upgrade to Cynopsis services with upgraded technologies for KYC as well. T2T token is Utility and is a currency for purchasing KYC services and is a reward for Verificators, who help in verification process. Blockchain only makes processes automated and secured but decentralization is not reached so ICO chosen as the method of fund raising looks pointless. Moreover, the company has revenue that may finance new development. Hardcap is 30M USD that is likely to be high enough for Traceto functions to develop. Moreover, no detailed information is provided explaining funds needed. Token for crowdsale are 30% of total token supply that is weak for a decentralized system. Team share is 25% and reserve fund is 30%. Additional 15% are for marketing and admin expanses.

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It means that the team relatively has 70% of tokens making the system centralized even considering close presale distribution.

Token pool capitalization is 100M USD that is much as well. It must be noted that presale bonus is low – 5%, decreasing the risk of mass sell-offs when entering exchanges. Competitors analysis demonstrates that the token price is likely to grow when entering exchanges but then the gradual fall is possible. You may not be at the real site, please check the address bar and SSL certificate. Proceed to our official site: The token sale will start with a three-day early access sale, giving those who contribute a minimum of $1,000 a 5 percent discount. After that, the main sale will run from 8th June until the end of the month, with a minimum contribution of 0.5 ETH. Traceto is looking to raise $25 million by selling 400 million out of a total of 1 billion tokens. Their Artemis solution was used by Kyber and ICON for their ICOs last year. Using a decentralised solution to help decentralised organisations manage the KYC process is a relatively obvious business plan, and it’s a fairly crowded space. Civic, The Key and Safein are all targeting what is essentially the same opportunity. However, it may not be first mover advantage that determines the winner. Success or failure will depend on building partnerships within the industry, driving user adoption amongst the investor community, and navigating different regulatory environments around the world. In this case, Traceto is attempting to use gamification to incentivise users to verify one another. Verifiers will earn tokens by verifying new users and granting requesters access to user data. Whether or not regulators will be happy with users verifying one another remains to be seen. On the other hand, it’s the regulators who are most likely to create ongoing opportunities for platforms like Traceto. Your request has been sent. We will contact you asap. On 9 february 2018, the private sale commenced, which closed on 7 march 2018. The public sale will start in mid-march, 2 weeks after which the tokens will be distributed. Z= Zero Knowledge AML Screening P= Public Governance S=Storage System This aft I want to talk about the Traceto ICO. Before we move on just want to make sure you understand investing in ICOs is risky. Whether you are investing Traceto ICO or any other always do your own research and due diligence. That being said lets take a closer look at Traceto shall we? The company has actually put this ICO on hold. But to my knowledge it will still go ahead. Traceto hard cap is set at $30 million USD. There going to have a 1 billoin token supply. There aim is to sell 30% in the crowdsale. The Pre Sale bonus is set at 5% which is very low which I personally like. Unsold tokens will be burned. So Traceto basically wants to create a decentralized identity verification system streamlining KYC procedures. It’s actually quite similar to the Safein token. I know it seems like the same ole but hear me out here. The second positive of Traceto is the utility of it’s token. It can take ICOs, tokens and other entities in crypto to help validate KYC and other procedures. With good there is usually some bad with almost all projects. For one it has a lot of competition in this niche. You have Safein, Self Key, Civic, The Key, Sovereign and the list goes on. All of these identity tokens want to do similar things. Also it’s important to note that government oversight and legislation can be a double edged sword. On one hand Traceto blockchain development is still in the very early stages. Any advantages they would of had along with other similar tokens could come across problems in the future with changing laws. Yet on the other hand the ID verification market could have a stronger demand if the market and government calls for it. So it’s really hard to say what directions tokens like Traceto will move. In the hype category I’m going to give Tracety a bit below average score. For the team I’m going to rank the very high. They all know what they’re doing and have a lot of experience. Could even be at the World Class level possibly.

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They also already have a working business model which is a plus.

With the token metrics I just feel they are trying to raise too much money. However they are going to be burning unsold tokens. So in the grand scheme of things I don’t really think it’s going to hamper any future development. So I give it an average score for the token metrics. I think the main thing Traceto has to do is get their marketing on point. If they focus on marketing I believe Traceto has a good chance of hitting their hard cap and being a successful ICO. Traceto needs to focus on how their product is different from their rivals and why they should invest in them. They need to focus on that to succeed in such a saturated market. So at the end of the day it’s up to you whether or not you’re going to invest. Personally I’m not investing in Traceto. The market has improved over the past couple weeks but we are still not in a bull market. If an ICO isn’t a blockchain or infrastructure project I won’t be investing unless something complete blows me away. Again I want to stress I am not a financial advisor and I am not always correct. Nobody in the crypto space bats 100% we all make mistakes. So do your own diligence. At the end of the day whether you invest in Traceto or any other ICO for that matter is your decision and yours alone. Whether you plan on investing in Quant Network or not this still is for you. Would you like to see EXACTLY how you can build a million dollar crypto portfolio? Let me show you exactly how I do this step by step. Click Here To Get My Free Step by Step Blueprint This is a proven strategy that we are constantly working on and adding to. You can’t afford not to learn this 👇👇 Our members are getting tremendous results. If they can do it so can YOU! One day in the future you will thank me 🙂 Wishing You Only the Very Best! ICO Value Proposition It is a decentralized identity system that streamlines KYC procedures. ICO Team The CEO and founder is Chye Kit Chionh. The CTO is Dias Lonappan; he is also a co-founder. The chief data analyst, Gene Yan Ooi is also a co-founder. Traceto’s CMO and co-founder is Dan Poh. Traceto has several advisors working with the ICO. One of them is the CEO of Kyber Network, Dr. Loi Luu. Strengths and Opportunities The ICO isn’t developed from scratch. There is an existing product, which is generating revenue, and it comes from a firm with a record of accomplishment of success. More than 50 clients use Artemis in the crypto space, and this makes adoption possible. One promising partnership in the works is with Kyber Network. This could help promote adoption of the product. Weaknesses and Threats So many ICO projects are targeting the identity authentication and KYC market. Also, the entire AML software market value may reach $1.4 billion before 2023. This means there is a lot of competition in this industry. The verdict on the ICO The ICO offers a viable contribution to enhancing the crypto space infrastructure. A well-experienced team with a background in Blockchain and RegTech, Traceto has an advantage and may capture their target market. However, development of this product is still in its early stages. Therefore, the success of the end product relies heavily on the usability and viability upon launch with partners such as Kyber. Legal Disclaimer: The content of this website ( is intended to convey general information only. This website does not provide legal, investment, tax, etc advice. We strongly suggest seeking advice from your own financial, investment, tax, or legal adviser. Neither nor its parent companies accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on information published on, or linked to, from Women are Increasingly Getting Involved in Crypto Investments: Reports Indicate Traceto develops a network based on our KYC framework that will satisfy real-world regulations. We also provide an ongoing due dilligence process that is demonstrable to regulators. Finally we are fusing smart contracts with A.I. to promote regulatory inclusion. Our founding team and advisors have over 5 decades of Compliance and RegTech experience.

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We have a track record in providing KYC solutions with a pool of existing clients and partners.

We combine the power of the Community with machine intelligence to revolutionise KYC. Ethereum Token Type: ERC20 Available for sale: 300,000,000 T2T (30%) FIC Network is an institutionally-focused blockchain-based platform that will enable users to list, buy, and sell any type of crypto- or fiat-denominated fixed income financial instrument. The post FIC Network (ICO): Fixed Income on the Blockchain […] Please specify an ID for the Contact Form in Theme Options > Single Post/Video > Video Report Form