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The lead developer of Monero has unveiled a new second-layer protocol that will allow users to create and trade digital assets on top of the privacy-centric cryptocurrency’s network.

The open-source project, called Tari, will make it possible to program and issue non-fungible assets like loyalty points, in-game items, and concert tickets over the blockchain. The tokens will function similarly to ERC-721 tokens in the ethereum network (e.g. CryptoKitties), enabling users to take ownership of unique digital assets. “Tari will fundamentally change the way we interact with digital assets,” said co-founder Naveen Jain. Tari will be structured as a sidechain to the main monero network, enabling users to merge-mine its token with XMR. Archer in 1974 in Nassau, Bahamas. Percival Knowles (grandfather and Bahamian Olympian), is now the owner of this amazing sloop. The Bahamian Sloop racing boats are built to imitate the old fishing smacks that used to race each other during the fishing off season. Our big race occurs every April for the National Family Island Regatta. Boats from all over the Bahamas come to George Town to race each other. It’s a huge event for our island, and for the sailing community. Here’s your chance to experience the thrill of these giant sails underway and riding high out on the pry. If that’s not enough to wet your appetite, check out this incredible drone footage Marcus P. took of us out sailing one day. In this video, SkrillaKing reviews the ShareRing ICO. ShareRing is the world’s first trusted token for sharing services. One way to pay for sharing everything, no matter what it is or where you are. Watch this video to learn more about ShareRing ICO.

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(15) Monero (XMR) lead Riccardo Spagni, also known as “Fluffypony”, is joining forces with Dan Teree and Naveen Jain.

Together, the trio is creating a brand new blockchain that will sell event tickets for the benefit of the event producers. The new venture is called the Tari Blockchain. The point of this new blockchain, otherwise just known as Tari, is to cut out the middleman reports Fortune. It’s to ensure that the artist, or whoever is actually putting on the event or show, receives the majority of ticket sales. Riccardo Spagni will be Tari’s CTO. He will be in charge of building the open source developer community. The Tari blockchain, which still needs to be created, will track each ticket sold and keep a record of sales forever. Eventually, Tari wants to morph into an e-commerce-type marketplace selling a range of digital goods from loyalty points to other cryptocurrencies. This will be where Jain’s expertise comes in handy. If something’s going to be building off of Monero, let’s check in on how Monero is doing on the market right now. It’s a rough day for crypto’s everywhere and unfortunately, Monero is fairing no better. XRM is currently selling for $168.99, which puts the coin down 9.71% in the past 24 hours. XMR’s drop doesn’t make Monero any less of a strong blockchain to build Tari off of. However, it will be interesting to see, once Tari is built, if Tari’s fluctuations will mirror those of Monero’s. What do you think about the Tari blockchain? According to an announcement on Wednesday, Tari will provide a platform for businesses and consumers to manage, use and transfer digital assets with more flexibility. Tari’s founders are: Riccardo “fluffypony” Spagni, lead maintainer of the Monero cryptocurrency; Naveen Jain, a serial entertainment industry entrepreneur, and Dan Teree, co-founder of Ticketfly. The Tari protocol will be built on top of Monero. Spagni told Bitcoinmagazine that it will be a merged-mined sidechain of Monero.

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Merged-mining allows for two cryptocurrencies to be mined simultaneously based on the same algorithm.

Tari’s announcement explained that businesses currently set highly restrictive rules governing how digital assets, such as event tickets, in-game items, virtual currencies, and loyalty points can be used. This is done in the interest of addressing their inability to sufficiently control assets after distribution, coupled with the need for identity verification and counterfeit prevention. “For businesses, this means missing out on the tens of billions of dollars generated each year from secondary resale and trading of the digital goods they issue. It’s a way of facilitating legitimate free trade across many industries.” Tari is a decentralised assets protocol that is going to be built on top of Monero. Think of it as something like coloured coins or CounterParty, but for Monero and a lot more scalable (ie. not using an embedded consensus mechanism). Tari will have a native token, like Counterparty, but it will operate as a merge-mined sidechain. Miners will be able to earn Tari block reward and fees as they mine Monero. In addition to binding itself to Monero’s security model, Tari will also support atomic swaps between itself and Monero. Tari will be an open-source project very much in the spirit of Monero, to the point of reusing a lot of the patterns we’ve developed for Monero over the years. That said, we do not believe that Tari Labs should be the sole owners of the ever-evolving design and architecture of the protocol, nor should they be the decision makers. They are merely a bunch of clever people working alongside anyone in the community that wishes to contribute to the Tari protocol. Tari has been founded by myself (Riccardo Spagni), Naveen Jain, and Dan Teree. You can read more about us, as well as some of the other contributors to this very nascent project, on the About page on the Tari website. I will slay you where you stand. Because of this, we have capital that we are using to not only build the Tari protocol, but to enhance aspects of the Monero software stack and ecosystem. This will increase on-chain scalability for Monero, as well as speed up initial syncing of nodes. Tari Labs developers will also assist the Monero development community by implementing some or all of these improvements. Developers at Tari Labs will work on a Lightning Network router implementation that supports both Bitcoin and Monero, allowing Monero to benefit from the added off-chain privacy that LN provides.

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No, not at all!

We are in the process of the last few bits being totally handed over, after which I will be non-operational on MyMonero. I have stepped down as CEO of GloBee, and have appointed a new CEO to replace me, Felix Honigwachs. Members of the community have stepped up to fill these roles, including Monero Core Team member luigi1111 taking over as lead maintainer on the Monero website and Monero GUI repos. In addition, I will also be spending a lot more time on the Monero Enterprise Alliance, which I hope to one day meme into existence. Missed rounds, incorrect statuses, unworkable links or any other bugs found. Tari is a new open source, decentralized protocol that reimagines the future of digital assets. Important notes: Tari is not running any kind of public token sale. A new blockchain network will be opened by the founders of Monero as well as individuals who previously had no connection with this cryptocurrency. This has been confirmed by Riccardo “fluffypony” Spagni who is currently the lead developer of Monero (left on the picture above). One of the first possible goals of this platform called Tari is to provide resale opportunities.The project is supported by Dan Teree, co-founder of Ticketfly (right on the picture above). Ticketfly was one of the first Internet ticket-selling platforms later sold for $450M, and now Dan Teree obviously doesn’t want to miss the opportunities of blockchain technologies advent. The press claims that Tari would be connected with ticket sales. Interestingly, the network opportunities will allow to sell not only tickets, but even reward points from stores and various virtual currencies of computer games. 19.03.2018  |   in Exchange This is a big image shift for Riccardo Spagni whose cryptocurrency has become one of the concerns of the law enforcement in at least two first-world countries. Monero has recently been delisted from Coincheck along with DASH and ZCash joined by Augur. The leaders of the exchange chose an expectable narrative about fighting money laundering. Image: Fortune Bitcoin is undoubtedly going down and it doesn’t seem like it will stop soon. It has now been officially announced that Monero trading pair will be removed from big cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, along with other privacy-oriented coins. Japan’s financial service agency wants to take measures and issued a counter-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering regulations.

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As Friday’s official statement from the exchange says, the targeted cryptocurrencies will be sold at market price and converted to Japanese yen.

Tari will be a decentralised assets protocol built on top of Monero technology. Even though Tari will have its own native tokens, miners will be able to earn Tari block reward and fees as they mine Monero. In the project announcement they have explained how Tari can benefit Monero: “- Researchers will work with the Monero Research Lab to identify ways to improve Monero’s block and transaction propagation. - Developers at Tari Labs will work on a Lightning Network router implementation that supports both Bitcoin and Monero, allowing Monero to benefit from the added off-chain privacy that LN provides.” There were few notable price drops and spikes in the recent days. XMR dropped from $173.38 to as low as $165.32 only within few hours. The price then recovered a little bit to $168 region just to fall again little above $160. The biggest and most rapid price change happened on May 28th, when XMR fell from $168.22 down to $157, which is almost -7% in few hours. It is currently still going down, following closely Bitcoin price movement. The fact that with new regulations finally coming, some of them limit the support or even forbid the usage of privacy-oriented crypto may be worring. However, in the era of information and our data being constantly monitored, it’s not surprising that such currencies will find many users. Monero is currently one of better established coins of this kind and the development of Tari platform it may become even more popular and increase its utility. With new projects being built upon Tari the price of XMR will only keep on increasing. Follow TokenTops on Twitter to stay notified about new articles, cryptocurrency news, ICO announcements and price predictions and analysis. Air tickets: 3.75 - You need 2 separate tickets ✈ Domestic flight PX865 by Air Niugini serves route within Papua New Guinea (TIZ to POM). The flight departs Tari on March 14 10:55 (10:55 am) and arrives Port Moresby, Port Moresby/Jackson terminal «D» on March 14 12:30 (12:30 pm). Flight duration is 1h 35m. ☕ Port Moresby connection between flight PX865 and PX10 is 4h 20m.

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