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Crypto World: In the present cryptocurrency community, Stellar Lumens (XLM) is rising to overtake Ripple (XRP) as the top cryptocurrency in cross-border payments.

A recent plus to Stellar Lumens that got everybody excited is the announcement that Mobile Coin team would be using the Stellar Consensus Protocol to create their own network. The motive behind this is to achieve high transaction speeds and scalability. To be clear, once Mobile Coin is integrated into some of the world’s largest mobile messaging platforms, it will be a Big Hit for Stellar Lumens (XLM). This will make the volume of Stellar Lumens to rise and its intrinsic value will dart up the sky. XLM will draw attention through this listing and this would attract some chat messaging platforms. Integration of Mobile coin to chat messaging platform would give it an instant access to billions of users, everyone using Stellar Lumens as a bridge. More so, this announcement endorses Stellar as a superior blockchain. And as more partnerships come into effect, there would be an exponential growth in the value of this XLM. Hence, XLM is one the cryptocurrencies that would experience a huge rise this year, closing this year at $1 and above. Joshua Goldbard, technologist at MobileCoin, posted the announcement on April 24th. A mobile-first, user-friendly cryptocurrency, like MobileCoin, plays a critical role in driving mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. The recovery keys will be short while the ledger will employ environmental-friendly methods. Its wallet will have the ability to be integrated into messaging apps such as WhatsApp to receive or send funds. MobileCoin nodes will use Stellar Consensus Protocol, which is known for low latency and flexible trust. The money raised by MobileCoin will be used to develop their system and expand their team. The project is still hiring engineers and is planning on creating a “simple system for trusted payments”. Meanwhile, Binance founder Zhao Changpeng is facing a lawsuit filed by venture capital firm Sequoia. The latter was planning on investing in the cryptocurrency exchange, however, the situation took a turn when negotiations didn’t work out. Last week, Binance also burned 2 million of BNB tokens in its third round. The company will continue this tradition until only 100 million BNB tokens are left in circulation. Overall, Binance had a successful run with a $150 million profit recorded in the third quarter. MobileCoin announced the conclusion of the funding round on Tuesday, adding that Binance had made its investment in the project through Binance Labs, its blockchain incubator. “A mobile-first, user-friendly cryptocurrency, like MobileCoin, plays a critical role in driving mainstream cryptocurrency adoption,” Binance Labs said in a statement. By investing in other industry projects, Binance seems to be charting a similar course to Coinbase, who recently launched its first venture fund. However, Coinbase has said that it will not invest in cryptoassets, as this would present the firm with a conflict of interest and could raise regulatory issues. Notably, rumors have circulated in industry circles that Marlinspike is less-involved in the project than his role as technical advisor would suggest. Once MobileCoin releases the project’s open source code, the true level of Marlinspike’s involvement in the project’s development should become more clear. Featured image from Shutterstock. Signal creator Moxie Marlinspike has announced MobileCoin, an ambitious project that purports to overcome the limitations that prevent bitcoin from serving as a viable medium for small-value payments. It’s no secret that the user experience has largely taken a backseat to innovation in cryptocurrency development. Released this week, the MobileCoin whitepaper (PDF) reveals a roadmap — still in its early stages — to make cryptocurrency usable for everyday transactions without sacrificing security and decentralization. “I think usability is the biggest challenge with cryptocurrency today,” Marlinspike told Wired. Significantly, users will be able to recover their funds using a simple four-digit PIN code, eliminating the complexity of private key management. MobileCoin will be based on the federated Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), enabling transactions to process in less than a second. Nevertheless, given Marlinspike’s development chops, MobileCoin is a project worth keeping an eye on. Contents The price of Stellar jumped nearly 20 percent on news that MobileCoin, a privacy-based mobile token that uses its Consensus Protocol, had a successful $30 mln ICO. The cryptocurrency is trading just a fraction of a cent below its most recent two-month high at $0.41. Stellar is already positioning itself as a possible launchpad for initial coin offerings. Although MobileCoin is not a Stellar-based project, integration with Stellar Consensus Protocol suggests companies are attracted to the platform’s speed and scalability. Daily trading volumes amounted to $187 mln, according to CoinMarketCap. Binance is the largest market for XLM, with roughly one-quarter of total transactions processed through the exchange. The boost for MobileCoin is clearly also a boost for Stellar, and it is also significant as it represents a move for Stellar to become a useful platform for ICOs. Ethereum has long been the main and most well-known platform for ICOs, but there are alternatives out there. Stellar has put forward favorable solutions for overcoming the so-called gas problem. Stellar has carved out a strong presence in the top-ten cryptocurrencies when measured in terms of market cap. The platform is currently No. 8 with a total value of $7.5 bln, which is roughly $120 mln shy of Cardano. As per the Ether supply growth chart, Ethereum [ETH]’s circulating supply has increased to over 100 million. Circulating supply is the best approximation of the number of coins that are circulating in the market, and in the general public’s hands. Ether supply growth chart | Source: Ethercsan As per CoinMarketCap, circulating supply is the main component in calculating the market capitalization instead of total supply or max supply. How does circulating supply matter? Generally, changes in the circulating supply introduce a price change as circulating supply directly affects the price of the coin. Tracking the circulating supply is the finest way to estimate the demand for a cryptocurrency. As per the market calculations, the lower the circulating supply, the higher the price [depending on market cap with lower market cap giving a lower price]. The circulating supply is the value that is generally used to calculate the price of the coin. A good circulating supply creates demand with investors. Hence, the question arises here if Ethereum’s 100M circulating supply adds in favor of its prices or affects it in a negative format. Co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, in a recent OmiseGO AMA session also predicts that ETH will achieve 1 million TPS. Ethereum has been doing five per second and if it goes above six, then it is also at peak capacity. Ethereum’s trade history [7 days] | Source: CoinMarketCap. reno007, a Reddit user commented: “Just inflation working. Cant wait until PoS.” In the early bitcoin years, proponents promised that you would soon be able to pay for anything and everything with cryptocurrency. Buy Etsy trinkets! Use a bitcoin ATM! It didn’t happen. Cryptocurrency remains confusing and challenging for the average person to acquire and manage, much less sell. And the protocols that underlie bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies like ethereum suffer significant scalability and transaction bottleneck issues. Visa currently processes about 3,674 transactions per second; the best bitcoin network might be able to process seven per second. The currency Marlinspike has been working on as technical advisor for the last four months, alongside technologist Joshua Goldbard, is MobileCoin. ‘Usability is the biggest challenge with cryptocurrency today.’ “We’ve been using Ethereum to date, and to be honest I call it the dial-up era of blockchain,” CEO Ted Livingston said. MobileCoin wants to leverage an extensive architecture to add simplicity to real privacy protections and resilience against attacks.

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  • Mobile Coin has announced to adopt the Stellar Consensus protocol in creating their network.
  • The team claimed this will help them to achieve high transaction speeds and scalability.

The ultimate goal: To make MobileCoin as intuitive as any other payment system.

“I think usability is the biggest challenge with cryptocurrency today,” says Marlinspike. “The innovations I want to see are ones that make cryptocurrency deployable in normal environments, without sacrificing the properties that distinguish cryptocurrency from existing payment mechanisms.” They generally detail extensive privacy and security protections, but they do require users to trust both their intentions and implementation. By contrast, the idea of MobileCoin is to build a system that hides everything from everyone, leaving fewer (or theoretically no) opportunities for abuse. Ideally, there would be a way to fix the structural problems of existing cryptocurrencies, rather than creating another new offering. The nodes can then provide software services to users, like apps that seamlessly integrate easy and quick MobileCoin transactions. The nodes also handle key management for users, so the public—and particularly the private—numeric sequences that encrypt each person’s transactions are stored and used by the node. But crucially MobileCoin is designed so the node operators can never directly access users’ private keys. ‘If you can’t look at the ledger, how can you cheat it?’ Joshua Goldbard, MobileCoin This is where the special features of MobileCoin come in. The currency is designed to utilize an Intel processor component known as Software Guard Extensions, or a “secure enclave.” SGX is a sequestered portion of a processor that runs code like any other, but the software inside it can’t be accessed or changed by a device’s broader operating system. Computers can still check that an enclave is running the right software to validate it before connecting, but neither MobileCoin users nor node administrators can decrypt and view the enclave. For MobileCoin, the enclaves in all of the nodes of the network hide the currency’s indelible ledger from view. Users’ private keys are stored and shielded in the enclave, too. “If you put the cryptocurrency inside of the secure enclave, then people can run the nodes without seeing what’s happening inside them,” Goldbard says. Marlinspike first experimented with SGX for Signal as a workaround so users can find people they know on Signal through their address books without exposing all of that data. Secure enclaves create some technical challenges, because they have limited processing capacity. But MobileCoin is designed with efficiency in mind. The system does as much data processing as possible outside the enclave, and only uses SGX for sensitive computing that needs to be shielded. “MobileCoin is designed to be deployable in normal resource-constrained environments like mobile devices, and to deliver a simple user experience along with privacy and security,” Marlinspike says. “The design gives you the benefits of server assistance without the downsides of having to trust a server to act appropriately and not be hacked. The platform has other protections layered with SGX as well. These components make MobileCoin more resistant to surveillance, whether it’s coming from a government or a criminal who wants to track and extort users. There are lots of potential applications for MobileCoin, but Goldbard and Marlinspike envision it first as an integration in chat apps like Signal or WhatsApp. Here’s how it would work in practice: To start using MobileCoin, you would generate a public and private key, and a recovery PIN. Then you would set up your account with an app that incorporates MobileCoin. The node would sync and validate the transaction, update the ledger, and check the one-time key and signature to prevent spoofed double-spending. And then Brian gets a notification that you paid him. The messaging app (or whatever service you’re both using) doubles as a wallet for each of you. It’s a complicated process to wade through. The point of MobileCoin, though, is that you and Brian don’t have to worry about any of it. The complicated parts all take place in the background. Currencies, after all, need a critical mass of people to not just be able to use them, but to agree on their worth. And though speculation has driven bitcoin to all-time-high valuations, most cryptocurrencies don’t end up capturing much value, languishing instead in far-flung corners of the internet. Here again, though, MobileCoin’s creators hope to emulate Signal. End-to-end encryption was once a fringe feature; then WhatsApp gave it to a billion people at once using the Signal Protocol. “Nobody actually transacts in cryptocurrency,” Goldbard says. “So making something that people can actually use is our first goal. And then we want to find additional ways that people can implement it over time. But initially all we want is to make it so people can actually complete transactions.” If it works, the project will give hope to people who once believed cryptocurrency could truly replace cash in modern society—even if you’re only buying a pizza. Stellar (XLM) Rises on Mobile Coin ICO News Stellar (XLM) Rises on Mobile Coin ICO News Source link Signal’s cryptocurrency named MobileCoin decided to raise $30 million for a new project involving mobile payments. Another new digital currency project has surfaced, with several big names being on board for it. One such name is Moxie Marlinspike, who is also a founder of Open Whisper Systems, and a popular messaging app, Signal. According to Wired’s report from December, Marlinspike started working as a technical advisor for MobileCoin back in August of last year. Other big names that decided to join Marlinspike include a MobileCoin technologist and a partner at Crypto Lotus, Joshua Goldbard, as well as a legal counsel Shane Glynn. Glynn can help when it comes to navigation through cryptocurrency regulations. He worked as a senior product counsel at Google from 2010. Back in December, MobileCoin decided to publish a whitepaper in which they share their goal. They said that usually, creating a secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency requires the presence of a third party, so that transactions can be validated, and keys properly managed. In the process, the benefits regarding the cryptocurrencies are lost, which is what MobileCoin aims to avoid. The new project wishes to create a private, fast, and simple-to-use crypto that will keep all of the benefits, without sacrificing the simplicity and privacy of the transactions. According to MobileCoin team, all of the transactions will be synchronized to the network through the use of the Stellar Consensus Protocol. This protocol will enable speed, as well as scalability. Privacy will be guaranteed through integration into smartphone messaging apps like Signal and even WhatsApp, which are both using Marlinspike’s protocol for encrypting the signal. In short, MobileCoin is made in a way that messaging apps can integrate with the coin’s wallet. When it comes to Marlinspike, he is almost a reverse tech celebrity. He is respected by many, inside and out of crypto circles, which means that his choices usually aren’t something that should be ignored. Despite that, as well as the fact that MobileCoin has both talent and funding, this project is still in its early days. Binance Labs, as the project’s incubator, will use its resources to concentrate on pre-ICO projects. On the other hand, MobileCoin will use its funding to create a proper team and develop working processes at the same time as its product is being developed. Binance Lab’s comment on the project is that it will have a critical role when it comes to adoption of digital currencies. Both teams share a common vision, and Binance Labs states that it is proud to have a chance to support this project. As for MobileCoin itself, it also released an announcement about their plans to recruit a strong team of engineers. They want those with experience in working on larger systems, have had a senior role, and who like working on the low-level code. MobileCoin will also need to give a proper answer to a question why yet another new digital currency needs to exist in the first place. One of their main concerns should also include positioning themselves as a better alternative that will attract the users and become a better choice than services like PayPal or Venmo. Not only that, but they will also need to deal with regulatory challenges in a proper way. For example, they need to find a way to prevent fraud and money laundering, which is a big issue that many older and bigger cryptocurrencies still haven’t cracked. is a leading independent blockchain news outlet that maintains the highest possible professional and ethical journalistic standards.

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Stellar (XLM) News Update – Stellar Lumens (XLM) may have had a rough time in the first quarter of the year, but that has been the story for most cryptocurrencies. The coin is on its path to recovery considering the plans for the currency. Stellar Lumens recorded one of the most significant hikes for a coin in the top ten categories. Stellar Lumens is a cryptocurrency that serves as a faster and cheaper alternative to banks. Although Stellar Lumens is a fork of Ripple, the two coins are different. At the end of April, the coin experienced a steady rise against its counterparts. While most currencies were trading below the red line, Stellar Lumens rose to $0.46. In the end, Only Stellar Lumens and Verge managed to stay in the Green Zone. Stellar Lumens did not attain that feat by chance; there are many things about the coin that influenced the price. Some of these may be about the characteristic of the currency itself. Nonetheless, we still consider them as a contributing factor. Why XLM Is Having a Bullish Period The supportive nature of the coin is also another winning factor. The platform is a decentralized network that supports assets added by Stellar Lumens users. Users can buy or sell assets, and you can find many additional features including passive offers, cross-asset payments, and order book. There are some features of the Stellar Lumens network that gives the coin an advantage over other currencies. One of them is the ability of Stellar Lumens to host ICO and issue tokens. When you create a token using the Stellar network, you can quickly add it to Stellar DEX. After the Stellar system has successfully held ICOs, many ICOs now prefer the Stellar network. Initially, ICOs favoured the Ethereum network. Mobius successfully held its ICO on the Stellar network. The news about MobileCoin’s integration has brought massive attention to Stellar Lumens. MobileCoin is a cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy. The coin seeks to integrate into messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. One exciting thing about MobileCoin is the calibre of some of its investors; the cryptocurrency has the backing of Binancelabs. The good news is that the privacy currency raised over $30 million in its last round of funding. Since MobileCoin is using Stellar Consensus Protocol, people will use Stellar as a medium to convert MobileCoin to fiat currency and fiat currency to MobileCoin. There are lots of potential for Stellar Lumens with regards to this integration. Stellar Lumens will have access to over one billion users if MobileCoin succeeds in integrating WhatsApp. The integration will have enormously positive effects on the price of Stellar Lumens in the long run. It seems there is a lot on its way as far as the integration is concerned. There is another integration that is catching a lot of attention. That is Bitfinex launching Stellar trading. Bitfinex announced that it is adding Stellar Lumens to its exchange platform. The cryptocurrency platform announced this development on May 1, 2018. This exchange platform has the most significant trading volume on the exchange market. In a statement, Jean-Louis Van Der Velde said that the addition is in fulfilment of the platform’s pledge to bring exciting investment opportunities to its users. He also mentioned the fact that the exchange platform added 12 tokens to its platform last month. The tokens added include IOSToken, Loopring, and Aion. The combined market cap of all 12 tokens is an estimated $1.1 billion. There is also the news about Stellar partnering with the Kin Foundation. The foundation tested the capabilities of Stellar; it checked if the Stellar network can handle up to ten transactions in a second. Even though they did not achieve a perfect result, the success rate was nearly 100%. We can also talk about the partnership with AnclaX. AnclaX is a Columbian based exchange, and their collaboration with Stellar allows Columbians to transfer the Columbian peso across the border using Stellar Lumens. Current Performance of Stellar Lumens People have always compared Stellar Lumens and Ripple because Stellar Lumens founder founded the coin on the protocol of Ripple. The differences between the two currencies are however overwhelming. The two coins now seem to have very little in common. The currency traded at $0.43 with a supply volume of $45 in the past week. The rise indicates an increase of 1.80% over the past one week. The currency has managed to stay above its average. Stellar Lumens is currently trading at $0.386818, a 6.2% fall in the previous price. The market cap is 7 billion with a 24-hour volume of 38 million. After the coin experienced a surge in prices at the beginning of this year, the price rose a little in April. There are hopes that the currency will not remain stagnant in May. Final Thoughts If you are thinking about whether or not to invest in Stellar Lumens XLM? We would like to use this opportunity to stress on the fact that this article does not offer comprehensive advice on whether you should invest in the currency or not. However, there are two sides to this situation. The coin may continue to rise or retreat entirely. It is difficult to predict. The coin has a relatively high price currently. An investor will only benefit if the prices surge further. It is best to invest when the prices are lower since a little hike means you can sell them at higher prices. Siacoin continues its overall trend downwards since last month with a 5% dip in the last few hours which sees SC coins valued at $0.0172. This comes after a strong week for Siacoin where a near 30% growth was recorded between June 6th and June 8th. SC coins spiked by 20% within a couple of hours on Wednesday, and then went on to grow steadily for the next 48 hours. However, midnight on Friday marked the moment that Sicaoin’s fortunes reversed, and its value has been dropping steadily ever since. If market readings are taken over seven days, then Siacoin has performed poorly. If readings are taken over the last month, then the performance is similarly poor. Conversely, if market readings are taken from three months ago then Siacoin can be said to have performed admirably. Siacoin’s roadmap extends all the way to 2020 – a possible concern for a team who have been at work since mid 2015. If the team can deliver on their ambitions, however, then Siacoin could find itself with some very good chances at real world adoption. Siacoin aims to create a platform for decentralized data storage across its network of users, with the blockchain being used to track and log storage contracts.

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Siacoin already has a working product to show for itself, with a beta 1.3.3 release of the platform available for download on macOS, Windows and Linux.

The ultimate goal is steal Amazon S3’s current user base, and become, in the Siacoin team’s own words: ‘The storage layer of the internet’. Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. MobileCoin is a very new cryptocurrency that has Signal’s founder Moxie Marlinspike as its advisor. There is very little information on the company or the cryptocurrency itself. They do have a white paper, but there’s not much in it. MobileCoin just announced that they’ve raised $30 Million with Binance leading the round. The company claims most of the money was given to them in Ethereum and Bitcoin. The investment was done by Binance Labs, the subsidiary set up by Binance to invest in hot Blockchain and Cryptocurrency startups. According to their website, the team only has two people; Joshua Goldbard who is a mobile and telecommunications expert and Shane Glynn, a lawyer with a background in telecommunications. The only other name listed in their site is Moxie Marlinspike, who is their advisor. MobileCoin claims their cryptocurrency will be fast, private and easy-to-use. MobileCoin will use Stellar consensus protocol for speed and will be integrated into messaging platforms once it is ready. There is very little details on how many coins will be minted, or how they will be distributed. There’s also no word on if there’ll be an ICO in the future. This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018. Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of end-to-end encryption messaging app Signal and Open Whisper Systems, joined MobileCoin as a tech advisor in August, 2017, according to Wired. Marlinspike jokes Joshua Goldcard, a general partner at hedge fund Crypto Lotus and Shane Glynn, legal counsel, to guide MobileCoin through the murky waters of cryptocurrency regulation. MobileCoin transactions will synchronize to the coin’s network using the Stellar Consensus Protocol for scalability and speed. The technology will allow MobileCoin to record transactions and protect user privacy. The end product will emphasize user privacy and integration into mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Signal. Both apps use Marlinspike’s end-to-end Signal Protocol. While MobileCoin has the power of Marlinspike’s support, the talent, and funding, the project is still in its early days. Binance Labs, the project’s incubator, will use its resources to concentrate on pre-ICO projects. “A mobile-first, user-friendly cryptocurrency, like MobileCoin, plays a critical role in driving mainstream cryptocurrency adoption,” Binance Labs said of the deal. There’s also the issue of regulations, including those pertaining to fraud prevention that plat other digital currency projects. With a $30 million partnership with Binance, MobileCoin hopes to bring blockchain technology to the world of mobile payments. There are challenges ahead for the technology, but given the reticent, measured attitude of its legal counsel, MobileCoin could pave the way for a compelling blockchain-based product. Stellar Lumens is one of the highest potential cryptos in the market today. One that many believe could overtake Ripple (XRP) as the top crypto in cross-border payments. However, what’s getting everyone excited is the announcement by the Mobile Coin team that they will be using the Stellar Consensus protocol in creating their network. The rationale behind this is to achieve high transaction speeds and scalability. Just to be clear, Mobile Coin is a privacy cryptocurrency that aims to integrate with mobile messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Mobile coin has some big backers including Binance Labs, and has raised over $30 million in the last round of funding. So why is it such a big deal that it will be using the Stellar Consensus Protocol? In essence, the moment Mobile coin gets integrated into some of the world’s largest chatting platforms such as WhatsApp, it will be a jackpot for Stellar Lumens (XLM). Volumes will surge and its intrinsic value will shoot through the roof. Are there chances of this happening? The answer is a big YES! Mobile coin is backed by Binance labs, which means that it will be listed on Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges in the world. The attention it will attract through this listing will draw in chat messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Integration to the WhatsApp platform would give Mobile coin instant access to over one billion user, all of them using Stellar Lumens as a bridge. On top of that, this announcement validates Stellar as a superior blockchain. The mobile coin team could have chosen any other blockchain, but they choose Stellar! They chose Stellar simply because they believe it offers them the speed and scalability potential to meet the potential of mobile coin large scale adoption. That’s a strong validation for the stellar network, one that is guaranteed to further drive more ICOs to use stellar. As more ICOs choose Stellar as a bridge, its volumes will continue to grow. Of course, this is also given weight by the fact that IBM, a global tech services company, is running its services on the stellar networks. IBM is using stellar to launch digital assets, and cut costs on cross-border transactions. So what does all this mean to you as an investor in Stellar Lumens? Well, we are likely to see a short-term pump in the value of Stellar Lumens (XLM) once this deal is confirmed. Then as more partnerships come into effect, we are likely to see an exponential growth in the value of this crypto. Stellar is one the cryptos that could close the year 2018 on a high. It could easily close the year at $1 and above. To a savvy investor, Stellar Lumens is a sleeping giant that could give big returns in the future. This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrencies or a recommendation to invest. Historic performance is no guarantee of future returns. Before investing you should obtain advice and decide whether the potential return outweighs the risks. World Mobile Coin (WMCC) is flexible cryptocurrency with approach of new algorithm - Proof of Presence (PoP). WMCC is aiming to be a new leading of the world cryptocurrency. A new concept that will be changing the blockchain work method. Now, most of current cryptocurrencies using PoW or PoS or both that consume too much power. We will use new work method that consume less power or no power. No more power waste, no more expensive hardware. The only people need only a device either mobile phone or even old pc to join the network. No more power race. All stages will get fair chances to get the coins. WMCC is aiming to distribute the coins to all that contribute for network. No double standard. Every effort that made will gain the coins. WMCC do not limit the using of coins in certain usage only. We are planning to develop many platforms to encourage the usage of WMCC. From online store, game portal, ticket booking, trading.

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WMCC will add new extra layer of security for coins and wallet.

Extra encryption to make all transaction more safe, feasible and become more secure. starts within 27d Min/Max Personal Cap: ETH Download the WMCC Desktop right to your device for easy and secure access to your wmcc.Perfect for beginners, the WMCC Desktop App makes using, mining and holding wmcc easy. ** For WMCC Daemon, we build it separately from WMCC Desktop, please visit These are the current releases of WMCC Desktop Application, updated automatically when a new version is tagged in our MOBILINK-Network is a jointly founded organization, whose concept and creation was a group effort by a large team of highly creative and dedicated people. It was a very complicated and innovative puzzle that needed specific, unique pieces from people located all over the world in many different industries and specializations. Our team consists of telecom experts, analysts, strategic planners, developers, designers, blockchain experts and cryptographers, social media experts, entrepreneurs and business professionals. 10%weight 230 mln USD hardcap??? And soft cap 40 mln USD??? And if you dont raise 40 mln you have to return the money. Do you know it? And 20 pages WP with almost no information? 9 people agree Blockchain & Marketing Consultant | Community ManagementRated on May 3, 2018 9%weight No KYC. Blockchain & ICO Advisor | Fintech | Innovation | Machine Learning | AI | Speaker & mentorRated on May 4, 2018 9%weight Unrealistic hard and soft cap numbers and no KYC done. 2 people agree Blockchain Advisor and ConsultantRated on May 3, 2018 9%weight Still no KYC. 4%weight This rating’s weight is reduced by 50% as there is no review added. Engineer, Business Developer and Crypto ExpertRated on Feb 26, 2018 5%weight A barely existing team and a vision not really original. Other phone companies (definitely bigger) are already working on it. No real uniqueness, and a Whitepaper with some gaps 4 people agree Fred Blauer CPA, CA, CISARated on Mar 20, 2018 3%weight Potentially very big. Will have to follow progress. 1 person agree 21%weight Experts are independently and voluntarily contributing to the community. If no expert has rated the ICO, only ICO analyzer’s results are used. Always research before investing as these ratings should not be taken as an investing guide of any kind.Ratings and ICO analyzer results are being updated (re-calculated) every few hours. Please read the disclaimer and risk warning. This offer is based on information provided solely by the offeror and other publicly available information. The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to ICOholder and ICOholder has no involvement in it (including any technical support or promotion). Token sales listed from persons that ICOholder has no relationship with are shown only to help customers keep track of the activity taking place within the overall token sector. This information is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist advice or carry out your own due diligence before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content on our site. XLM approached to $ 0.41, then rolled back to $ 0.36, then regained its levels to $ 0.42. Bitcoin’s (BTC) stabilization of about $ 9,000 helps the altcoins restore their trends, as volatility has cleared in the middle of the week. The Stellar platform was in the center of attention regarding the news of the MobileCoin ICO, which recently increased to $30 million. The project was built over the Stellar network, and has confidentiality as its chief aim. The ICO focuses on using the XLM protocol to cope with mobile payments more quickly. This is also the main aim of Stellar. Stellar (XLM), in recent weeks and months, has been seen as the open-source equivalent to Ripple (XRP) showing the same aim of banking the unbanked. Yet, for today, the use cases for XRP are restricted, and more ICOs are expected. The IBM investigation regarding the usage of the Stellar protocol for international operations is so far in the testing stage. Hitherto, the KIN blockchain project and the KIN Foundation have not allocated any details which will show the migration to the Stellar network. The biggest hopes for XLM are that it could perhaps reclaim position 5 on CoinMarketCap, where it has been briefly while the price spiked. Our groundbreaking concept ensures that ongoing Proof of Participation (“PoP”) intrinsically adds value to the coin. Mobilink-Coin has built a one-of-a-kind eco-system that utilizes various aspects of cryptocurrency, a transparent wallet application (Mobi-Wallet) and a built-in crypto-exchange (Mobi-Exchange), backed by a viable, highly sought-after product and service. Mobilink-SIM cardholders receive their monthly talk, text and data services at no cost to the end user. What makes this possible are four components that, upon combining, create a highly dynamic methodology to provide an increasingly stronger valuation as participation increases. A percentage of Mobi-Card transaction are routed through the PoP, which provides an overall valuation in combination with the other three key components. The digital interface with servers, aspects involving variables with telecoms, and the switch command structure of linked roaming are a combined naturally occurring industry benefit tied into PoP. The results are a modality that produces monetary valuation of the coin, is not influenced by exchanges or the market. The value strictly comes from all the Mobilink-SIM card users within the global network. A percentage is rerouted via the PoP into the collective system that provides valuation. Just as with the Mobi-Wallet, there is a percentage rerouted via the PoP to flow into the collective system providing the valuation. It is undeniable that our framework is ironclad and that our platform is remarkably unique. When we combine the above four components for valuation, Mobilink-Coin builds tremendous value through PARTICIPATION, INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY. Participation directly correlates to the value of the coin. We know there is a significant worldwide population who will enjoy the benefits of having unlimited talk, text and data every month at no cost to them. These are our users…our participants. As participation increases, the value of the coin increases. Through our own wallet and exchange, the valuation of Mobilink-Coin becomes an intrinsically transparent process whereby users benefit from exceptional wallet/exchange rates, no hidden time delays and no surprise or unpublished fees. The Mobi-Exchange is fully transparent and only allows coins of equal integrity and transparency. This unique modality utilizes Proof of Participation as its means of valuation. Simply put, our success model is based on participation = valuation. As the Mobilink ecosystem is affected by participation, the collective increase in valuation promotes the overall

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increased value of the coin, hence affecting all Mobilink-Coin owners.

In the same way, as participation increases, the four modalities collectively add to the coin’s overall valuation. More users means higher participation, which translates to higher value of the coins. The value of this project is enormous and is fully contingent upon Participation. This streamlined program is simple, straightforward and is equally as transparent as the Mobilink-Coin, Wallet and Exchange. We look forward to you becoming part of our Mobilink family.